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Understanding Florida’s Land Development Regulations

Understanding Florida’s Land Development Regulations Florida has been one of the fastest growing states in the nation for decades. Such growth always presents many challenges in any area. Perhaps the greatest challenge revolves around how to support and encourage that...

Eminent Domain Law and the Right to Survey in Florida

Eminent domain law in the state of Florida is complex. This law covers the compulsory purchase of land and property by government agencies for future projects, such as roads, utilities, or other projects. One of the most commonly cited forms of eminent domain is what...

Breach Of Contract Law In Florida – A Brief Overview

A deal is a deal, right? Well, that would ideally be the case. But as we are all painfully aware, people don’t always keep their word – in their personal lives or in business. When someone fails to keep their word or live up to expectations in the context of the...

Trademark Law: One of the Best Ways to Protect Your Company

Trademarks are a federal registration which can protect brands from copycats who try and infringe on their products and services for their own gain. Here is what businesses and creatives need to know about trademark law, and why it is one of the best ways to protect...

The Right To Request An Accounting In A Business Dispute

As business lawyers at Eskander Loshak LLP, we take pride in the relationships we develop with all of our clients. We share their excitement and enthusiasm when they’re just starting out or growing their South Florida businesses. We also understand their trepidation...

Why it’s Important to Have a Good Business Lawyer

It doesn’t matter whether you have a newly profitable small business with just one or two employees in Fort Lauderdale or you are in charge of a Florida-based multinational corporation with thousands of employees, generating billions in revenue – if you are doing...

Why Incorporate My Business in Delaware?

Judging by this list, it is easy to see why incorporating a business in Delaware is so popular, especially for larger companies. However, if you are starting a small or average size company, this may not be the best choice for you.


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