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Understanding Verbal Contracts in Florida

Once upon a time, not so long ago, businessmen often closed transactions with a simple handshake and the unspoken understanding that any promises made in the context of the deal would be kept as a matter of principle. In other words, a man’s word was his bond, and in...

An Overview of Business Contingency Fee Arrangements in Florida

When it comes to running a successful business in Florida or anywhere else in the country, one of the most important skills is the ability to weigh risks and rewards. This is because taking chances can have a tremendous upside – that is, if the risks pay off. By...

Entitlement to Attorney’s Fees in Florida

There’s no doubt about it, litigation is expensive. But one of the potential benefits of “winning” a lawsuit in Florida is recovery of attorney’s fees. Under the “American Rule,” courts here can and do award attorney’s fees to the prevailing party – but only in...

Your Guide to a Successful Joint Venture in Florida

If you think about it, entrepreneurial spirit has always been America’s lifeblood. Throughout US history, ambitious men and women have pooled their ideas, knowledge, talents and resources to create businesses and spark the technological advances that have fueled the...

Non-Compete Agreements In Florida – Are They Enforceable?

Here’s a fundamental truth about the non-compete agreement you just signed – it’s utterly worthless – unless it’s enforceable. If you are working in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, or anywhere else in Florida for that matter, that non-compete you signed may very well...

Title Insurance – What is it and do I Really Need it?

For millions of people, homeownership is the American Dream. Sadly, for many people, the American Dream can quickly become an American nightmare. It can happen if the market takes a downturn, your home turns out to be a “money pit,” or even a natural disaster can be...

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