With over 20 million people, Florida is one of the largest states in the country. Florida has put together an extensive landlord tenant law to help bring order to the millions of renters and property owners in the state.

When a person pays rent to live in a house, apartment, condominium or mobile home, the renter becomes a tenant governed by Florida law. It doesn’t matter whether payment is made weekly, monthly or at other regular periods. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the apartment, house, condominium or mobile home is rented from a private person, a corporation or most governmental units. These facts are true even when there is no written “lease” agreement.

The responsibilities of the landlord and tenant may vary based on your rental or lease agreement and the type of rental unit, however generally speaking, a tenant is entitled to the right of private, peaceful possession of the dwelling, whereas the landlord is required to rent a dwelling that is fit to be lived in. The landlord also must comply with local health, building and safety codes, as well as pay for any repairs necessary to make the dwelling fit to live in.

Eskander Loshak LLP represents both landlords and tenants in legal matters involving residential and commercial properties. Because these disputes can often become quite complicated, having an experienced landlord/tenant lawyer can help you achieve the most favorable outcome. Eskander Loshak LLP is well versed in providing legal services when a dispute arises between a landlord and a tenant. We also provide lease preparation and negotiation services, which are invaluable when substantial amounts of capital are involved. Because we represent both landlords and tenants, we are uniquely suited to assist our clients quickly settle or achieve a favorable resolution.

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